Sean and Sinead Scott and their SOLIS 500 Cassette Stove

Sean and Sinead Scott from County Sligo had the SOLIS 500 installed to replace their open fire which was draughty and noisy from outside.

Sean and Sinead Scott and their SOLIS 500 Cassette Stove

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? "We talked about it for a while as we had concerns about losing the fireplace by putting in a stove. We didn’t realise Stanley did stoves like the SOLIS. We were pleasantly surprised. Having the SOLIS 500 cassette stove allowed us to keep the fireplace and and maintain the look of an open fire."

What do they love about the SOLIS? "The open fireplace, when not in use, was taken heat from the room leaving it feeling quite cold. There was a huge draught down the chimney and it was the coldest room in the house which impacted the rest of the house. Now with the SOLIS even when its not lighting the difference is amazing. The SOLIS looks way more professional in the room, very sleek and classy. We feel it adds value to the room. Also its much easier to clean than the open fire and we find that it uses less timber than the open fire when lit.'

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? " It was a cold room leading into the conservatory which also brought challenges in terms of heat especially in winter.  In terms of home heating bills we haven’t noticed too much as we have geothermal with underfloor heating and the SOLIS is a room heating stove. The room and house is just warmer and it looks so much better. Also its quieter as we don’t hear the traffic on the road. "

When prompted about their favourite moment."We loved the new stove especially when having family visiting at Christmas as it was very homely, and we will look forward to using this room for more special occasions."