AGA Recipes

AGA food tastes better simply because an AGA cooks better, using kind-to-the-food radiant-heat to seal the food, locking in moisture, goodness and flavour.


Many of our AGA cookers feature state-of-the-art induction hobs, which provide a safe, responsive and energy efficient way to cook.

Your AGA cooker uses radiant heat from the cast-iron ovens to create food that tastes fantastic and, because this method of cooking is so gentle, all the nutrients remain locked in. The AGA cooker is ultimately forgiving. Unlike with many cookers, if you leave something in just that bit too long, it won’t dry out and become inedible.

The brand new AGA eR3 Series range has also been designed with a host of innovative features, including induction hobs and a conventional fan oven, to take flexibility to a whole new level.

AGA Recipes