Room Heating versus Central Heating

Waterford Stanley offer a comprehensive range of room heating and central heating or boiler stoves and fires under a range of brands namely Stanley, AGA, Rayburn and Bilberry.


Room Heating Fires & Stoves

If you want to simply heat the room where the stove or fire is, this is called room heating. So why do people choose a room heating stoves or fire?

  1. Radiator in the living room/kitchen is not enough to heat the room and its always cold.
  2. You created an open plan area and the room is now much bigger and requires a larger heat output. 
  3. You want the look of an open fire but all the benefits of a stove - 75%+ efficiency compared to 15/20% open fires. 
  4. Replacing an open fire with a stove will improve the home BER energy rating on average by 8-10%
  5. You want to heat the room you spend most of your time in without turning on your central heating
  6. Stunning Focal point in the room other than the TV.
  7. Electric fires can be turned on with flame only (no heat) and you have the ability create your own flame picture

Use our room heat calculator to see what output you need to heat your room.

Room Heat Calculator

Central Heating or Boiler Stoves

Central heating or boiler stoves are designed specifically to heat your hot water for radiators or in the case of Pellets underfloor heating. Boiler stoves also provide plenty of hot water and heat to the room they are located in. Central heating stoves room heat outputs range from 2kW  to 6kW .

  • A boiler stove combines two functions in one appliance: The fire of the stove provides warmth and comfort in the living area. The stove also provides energy for the heating of water for the heating and domestic use.
  • A boiler stove can contribute in two ways to heating your home or hot water production. The central heating stove can be connected directly to the heating system. Or the central heating stove can send hot water to a buffer tank.
  • A boiler stove can be installed in an existing home. You will need to provide a connection between the heat exchanger and the central heating installation or a buffer tank.

Central heating stoves are available in solid fuel and pellet and range from 6 radiators to 16 radiators of standard size, single 5ft x 2ft

Waterford Stanley Stoves and Fires

  Solid Fuel Wood Pellet Electric Gas
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Alternatively Use our room heat calculator to see what output you need to heat your room.

Room Heat Calculator

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