Stanley Service Engineers

Our Customer Service team in Waterford are always on hand to provide expert advice on spare parts availability and after sales support on your Stanley. Throughout Ireland, home heating experts are available in your local Stanley retailers to offer advice and guidance.

Out of Warranty

If you are experiencing problems with your Stanley or AGA heating appliance and it is no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty, an approved Stanley engineer can attend to repair your appliance.

For Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland non warranty related queries please contact a local engineer from below.

Warranty Policies

If you are unsure as to whether your Stanley appliance is under warranty, please click on the relevant product warranty link below to view a breakdown

Stanley Solid Fuel & Wood Stoves Warranty
Stanley SOLIS Pellet Stove Warranty
Stanley ARGON Electric Warranty
Stanley ARGON Gas Warranty
AGA Stoves Warranty

SF refers to Solid Fuel and Wood Stoves

In Warranty

For Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, if you are experiencing problems with your Stanley appliance and it is still within its manufacturer’s warranty, please fill out the form below:


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For the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland), please contact UK Service Dept Telephone 0845 688 9895

Stanley Engineers

Engineer Name Contact Number Oil / SF Gas Installer Pellet Heat Pumps County / Area Covered
Jonathon Jamieson 0044 7771 511 383 Tick       Antrim
Adrian Stewart 0044 7940 493247 Tick       Antrim
AS Services Ltd (Alan) 79687741428   Tick     Antrim
Patrick Donohue 087 2521434 Tick       Cavan
Winston Soden 086 8610787 Tick       Cavan
Kevin Smith 086-2853151 Tick   Tick   Cavan
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Cavan
John O'Rourke 087-7531641 Tick       Clare
Sean Cotter 065-9051332 Tick       Clare
Paul Sexton 086 3686598 Tick       Clare
Eric Cotter 083 0268241 Tick   Tick   Clare
Denis Casey 087 2588905 / 086 2371097 Tick Tick Tick   Cork
John Paul Crowley 086-2485203 Tick Tick Tick   Cork
Neil Cleminson (Beara Energy) 086-3198184 Tick       Cork
Frank O’Sullivan 087 9746607 Frank / 086 603897 Oran Tick   Tick   Cork
Conor Falvey (Falvey Boiler Services) 087 8296288 Tick   Tick   Cork
Jerry Long 087-1222091 Tick   Tick   Cork
Jonathon Jamieson 0044 7771 511 383 Tick       Derry
David Dobson 0044 7774 648 231 0044 07752012117 Kyle Tick   Tick   Derry
Martin Grant 086-3265468 Tick   Tick   Donegal
Brendan Gallagher 087 2244733 Tick   Tick   Donegal
Martin Homer 087 2441249 Tick   Tick   Donegal
Donal Shevlin 087-6380509 Tick   Tick   Donegal
Brian Boyle 086 8033875 Tick       Donegal
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Donegal
Brendan Price 083 4878555 Tick   Tick   Donegal
Michael Byrne (Killybegs) 087 1142932 Tick   Tick   Donegal
Adrian Stewart 0044 7940 493247 Tick       Down
AS Services Ltd (Alan) 79687741428   Tick     Down
Gerry Rafferty 0044 7774 172699 Tick       Down
Eamon Kearns 087 2570416 Tick Tick     Dublin
Dennis McLaughlin 086-2482532 Tick   Tick   Dublin
Gerry Halpin 086-8415623 Tick Tick     Dublin
Kevin Mitchell 087 2318777 Tick   Tick   Galway
Laurence Walsh 087-2220606 Tick   Tick Tick Galway
Bobby Power 087 2792838 Tick Tick     Galway
Brendan Fahy 087-0559141 Tick       Galway
John Glynn 086 1042092 Tick   Tick   Galway
Brendan Fahy 087 0559141 Tick   Tick   Galway
Ronan Curtayne 087 7994710 Tick   Tick   Kerry
Pat Lyons 087 2746264 Tick   Tick   Kerry
Con Hussey 086 3457537 Tick       Kerry
Todd Favley 087 2386276 Tick   Tick   Kerry
Peter Falvey 087 2292395 Tick   Tick Tick Kerry
CJS Group (John Curtin) 087-2591651/ 045-485548 Tick Tick Tick   Kildare
Oliver Young 086 8346966 Ollie/ 086 8137809 Victor Tick Tick Tick   Kilkenny
Jim Fitzpatrick 087 7987477 Tick   Tick   Kilkenny
David Hoctor 085-1001976 Tick   Tick   Kilkenny
Eugene Conroy 087 2512967 Tick Tick Tick Tick Laois
Rory Whelan 087 2667353 Tick   Tick   Laois
Michael Drennan (Stoves Only) 086-3052649 Tick       Laois
Sean O’Brien (Northwest Heating) 086 2696585 Tick   Tick   Leitrim
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Leitrim
Val O Gorman (Boiler tech) 087-2672987 Tick Tick Tick Tick Limerick
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Longford
Sean Cassidy 087 2217465 Tick   Tick   Louth
Dwayne McDonald 086-3537797 Tick Tick Tick   Louth
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Louth
Ger Gannon 087 2233259 Tick   Tick   Mayo
John Ferguson 087 2379595 Tick       Mayo
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Mayo
Tosh Barry 087-1330534 Tick Tick Tick   Meath
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Meath
Hugh McCague 047-83183 Tick       Monaghan
Len McGinnity 047-87347 Tick       Monaghan
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Monaghan
Donal Daly 087 9430427 Tick Tick Tick Tick Offaly
Simon Day 086 8659112 Tick   Tick   Roscommon
Mark Ward 087 7985959 Tick   Tick   Roscommon
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Roscommon
Sean O’Brien (Northwest Heating) 086 2696585 Tick   Tick   Sligo
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Sligo
Michael Ryan 087 2547194 Tick Tick Tick   Tipperary
Billy Maher 086 2515873 Tick       Tipperary
Gerry Sutton 087 2531686 Tick   Tick   Tipperary
Ned Cummins 086 6182428 Tick Tick Tick Tick Tipperary
Paul McCarville 085 7553226       Tick Tipperary
David Dobson 07774648231(D) 07752012177 (K) Tick   Tick   Tyrone
Eric Patterson (patterson Boiler Services) 0044 7710 741 781 Tick       Tyrone
Aaron Kee 0044 7754053836 Tick       Tyrone
John Fennell 087 2072309 Tick   Tick Tick Waterford
David Hoctor 085-1001976 Tick   Tick   Waterford
Ian Manning 087 8237446 Tick Tick Tick   Westmeath
Sean Ledwith 087-2598155 Tick       Westmeath
E. Doyle (Ashley Combustion) 087 8290581 ANDREW-085 8183955 Tick Tick Tick   Wexford
Eamon Kehoe 087 2371610 Tick       Wicklow
Paul Kinsella 087-2591642 Tick       Wicklow
Robert Jennings 086-2584795 Tick Tick     Wicklow