Ecodesign Stoves Overview

Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions from a range of appliances that use energy including stoves and came into effect January 2022.


What does Ecodesign Cover

  • Minimum efficiency rating of 75% for stoves
  • Reduction of CO (Carbon monoxide) –88%
  • New limit for emissions of NOx
  • Introduction in requirements for Particulate matter and organic gaseous compounds

By passing this directive solid fuel and wood stoves will be more efficient, cleaner and safer to the environment.

Waterford Stanley and Ecodesign

We have been working over the last number of years to ensure our current classic range of cast iron stoves and contemporary SOLIS stoves range in solid fuel and wood are Ecodesign approved. Only room heating and central heating stoves that are Ecodesign are listed on this website. ,

Our Ecodesign stoves are approved for smokeless coal, wood or both where relevant. 

As pellet stoves are 96% efficient and mostly carbon neutral, they automatically fall within the Ecodesign requirements.

Solid Fuel and Wood Ecodesign Approved Stoves

Brand Name Approved Wood Approved Smokeless Coal
Stanley Cara Insert x x
Stanley Cara Glass Insert x x
Stanley Oisin Eco x x
Stanley Aoife Eco x x
Stanley Tara Eco x x
Stanley Ardmore Eco x x
Stanley Lismore Eco x x
Stanley Reginald Eco   x
Stanley SOLIS F500 Edge x x
Stanley SOLIS F650 Style x x
Stanley SOLIS F900 Ridge  x x
Stanley SOLIS F800 Grande x x
AGA Ellesmere EC4  x x
AGA Ellesmere EC5 x x
AGA Ellesmere EC5 W x x
Stanley SOLIS I500 Insert x  
Stanley SOLIS I900 Insert x  
Stanley SOLIS WB500 Edge x  
Stanley SOLIS I80 Single Sided x  
Stanley SOLIS I80 Double Sided x  
Stanley SOLIS I100 Double Sided x  
Stanley SOLIS F1100 Panoramic x  
AGA Lawley x  
AGA Hadley x  
AGA Westbury x  
AGA Hanwood x