Heat Pump Models

A maximum balanced and energy-saving system for your carefree comfort. At Stanley our Heat Pumps come in models that range from 2kW to 12kWand come in a number of different sized Internal units.


Key Features

  • Capacity: Variable 2kW to 12kW
  • Floor Area: Up to 275m2
  • LWT: up to 60ºC
  • Options: Split or Monobloc
  • 200 Litre DHW Cylinder with 50 Litre Buffer Tank
  • 50 Litre DHW Cyclinder Buffer Tank
  • Range of operation from -20° to 40°C
  • Built In web module to control heat on the go
  • Compact External Housing
  • Twin Zone Capability
  • Seasonal coefficient of performance or COP up to 5.1.
  • Very High Efficiency -TUV Certified
  • Energy Class: A++
  • Full WSL Technical Support
  • 5yr Warranty

Smart Remote Control & Management

Smart remote access to your heating system lets you control settings and temperature via website and optional controller. You can also download an app to your phone or tablet.

Access to data and managing your heating system from your own home, workplace or holiday vacation with our Stanley App.

House Plans

Building or renovating your home? Send us in your house plans and we will revert back with product specification that you need. If you chose to go ahead with a Stanley Air to Heat Pumps, we can provide heat loss calculations and details on underfloor heating and radiators.

Send your house plans to:

C: Donal Reilly
E: DonalReilly@waterfordstanley.com
M: +353 (0)87 227 1686

Heat Pump Models

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps distribute heat via your wet central heating system, working more efficiently than standard boilers. This makes them more suitable for underfloor heating systems or larger radiators.

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