Novy Smart Designer Lighting

Looking for unique designer lighting with a touch of magic for your kitchen? Novy makes your wish come true! It’s easier than ever to control your kitchen lighting thanks to Novy's innovative gesture control technology.


Lighting tailored to your kitchen

Novy’s top-quality designer kitchen lighting is available as a wall-mounted unit or as a pendant fitting. Are you looking for functional light on your worktop, a designer light above your kitchen island or an atmospheric light for cosy moments around your kitchen bar? We have lights for each of these uses!

Novy’s top-quality designer kitchen lighting is available as a wall-mounted unit or as a pendant fitting and available in 3 versions:

Novy Shelf (Pro)
Novy Pendant
Novy Wall

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Novy Shelf (Pro)

Stylish and functional. Spacious and pleasant. Who doesn't want a kitchen that has it all? The minimalist design of Novy Shelf gives you space for all of your wonderful cooking accessories. This innovative wall lighting can be controlled, with literally the minimum of effort, thanks to the Gesture Control technology.

Want to create the perfect atmosphere and light intensity and be able to choose the width and position of the light beam? With Novy Shelf, it's all within your grasp! Available in Novy Shelf and Novy Shelf Pro.

Novy Pendant

Novy Pendant is a stylish designer pendant light that you can control with a minimum of effort thanks to Gesture Control. Looking for functional lighting above your kitchen island? How about using indirect light to create more atmosphere, or warm coloured light above your table? Novy Pendant’s versatility shines out!

Novy fully understands that when you get the right atmospheric or working lighting in a room, it adds extra charm. Who doesn't enjoy a good chat at the kitchen island, or cosying around the breakfast bar?

Novy Wall

The kitchen is increasingly becoming the heart of the modern home. Whether you’re looking for inspiration in cookbooks by well-known chefs or are preparing a tasty dinner, it’s essential to have the right lighting. Novy shows that modern lighting, design and technology can go hand in hand.

Novy Wall is our innovative wall lighting that you can control with a minimum of effort, all thanks to Gesture Control. The right atmosphere and amount of light are now literally within your grasp. Novy Wall provides subtle illumination under your kitchen cupboard, but it's also an eye-catching feature on a blank wall. Whether you want dimmed, bright or coloured lights, Novy Wall lets you easily get the lighting right for any occasion.

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