In the last number of years, AGA have invested heavily in innovative new product design and initiatives to ensure there is an AGA cooker for every cook and every kitchen. This has led to the launch of four new electric AGA series cookers in a variety of sizes and with exciting and innovative additions.

The AGA Difference

The AGA Difference

If you’ve ever owned an AGA, we don’t need to tell you how food tastes better. We don’t need to explain the unique warmth of an AGA kitchen. We don’t need to tell you how tactile an AGA cooker is. These are all things you tell us. Perhaps, though, there are a few things you don’t know. For example, the AGA cooker has changed hugely over the last few years:

  • There are many sizes – the smallest is just 60cm wide.
  • Many AGA cookers now come with state-of-the-art induction hobs.
  • The vast majority of AGA cookers are now electric and can be on when you want them and off when you don’t, meaning you save both energy and money.

AGA Range Cooker Products Overview

AGA cast-iron cookers work differently, using gentle radiant heat. Cast iron is a fantastic material for retaining and – even more importantly – radiating heat. This kind of cooking is gentler on food and locks in all the moisture, flavour and goodness, meaning the food you serve tastes delicious.

24/7 Radient Heat

Cookers in this range resemble most closely the original AGA. They are on all the time, keeping the kitchen cosy, and are ready to cook the moment you are. 24/7 AGA cookers do much more than just cook. They take the place of a tumble drier, toaster, bread maker and electric kettle and can even get creases out of freshly laundered items, such as pillow cases, and in a home with a 24/7 AGA the heating will tend to go on later in the season and off earlier.

AGA Range Series for 24/7 Radiant Heat:

  • AGA Dual Control
  • AGA R3 Series
  • AGA R5 Series
  • AGA R7 Series

Everyday Radient Heat

Cookers in this collection are designed to work for the way we live now, offering everything that’s loved about the AGA but with added functionality. The ovens and hotplates can be switched on and off independently and, on certain models, a state-of-the-art induction hob sits alongside the traditional AGA hotplate. With models from just 60cm wide, up to the largest AGA ever, there’s a model to suit every space.

Each day is different – maybe weekdays are all about speed and efficiency in the kitchen while the weekend is all about the slow, mindful enjoyment of cooking for friends and family.

AGA Range Series for Everyday Radiant Heat:

  • AGA eR3 Series
  • AGA eR7 Series

More on AGA

For almost 100 years AGA cookers have been at the heart of many homes. There are many reasons why these cast-iron cookers are a staple in so many kitchens.

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