Robbie and Julie Quigley and their Ardmore Stove

Robbie and Julie from County Dublin had the Ardmore room heating stove in matt black installed as part of building their new home.

Robbie and Julie Quigley and their Ardmore Stove

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? "It was recommended by a friend but to be honest I really wanted a stove. It's a no brainer and Stanley are one of the best makes on the market. Everything in this house was for Julie, the Stanley stove was for me "

What do they love about the Ardmore? " I love the controllability of the stove. Anyone can operate it. I also love the aesthetics and how it how it functions. I was a fan of the open fire but this is 10 times better no competition. We love to sit on the couch, watch TV and look at the stove. Friends come in and see the stove lighting and say they would love to get one installed.  I love to light it and I have it down to a fine art. I use an oxo size cube of firelighter or newspaper and then stack kindling on top. I alternate the kindling so air can some through the grate. Once it starts to light I add the wood very quickly. I have a fire going in no time. "

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? " It's not a central heating stove but when we have the stove lighting the room temperature on our thermostat can go up 5 degrees and it's a large open plan room. We only use wood to burn in the stove and it gives us plenty of heat.  "

When prompted about their favourite moment." Every night Robbie says to me 'Julie can I light the stove?