Peter O’Mahony and his AGA eR7 electric range cooker

Peter O’Mahony has been cooking on the AGA eR7 electric range cooker in Racing Green for almost 5 months. ‘I’ve always wanted an AGA since I was young, watching cookery programs like River Cottage. I absolutely love it! Had to convince Jess and now she uses it more than I do. ’

Peter O’Mahony and his AGA eR7 electric range cooker

What does he love about the AGA range? ‘Its really convenient. Heat up times are quicker than they say. The hobs heat up in around 10 minutes. We generally turn it off every night. However in winter when it’s really cold we leave it on slumber and it doesn’t take long to heat up in the morning. It’s not far off a conventional cooker in that regard. ’

Have you noticed a change in cooking habits? ‘ The warming oven is great to have on. The kids can eat at different times so we can cook up a meal and leave in the warming oven for when they are ready and it doesn’t dry out the food. It’s a Game Changer. The roasting oven is hotter than any conventional cooker when its on R9.’

What features do you love about your AGA Cooker? There’s no cleaning at all. The food burns off and you scrub it with a brush. Its bullet proof. Love that we have so much controllability with this AGA model, on and off when you need it. We wouldn’t have all the ovens and hobs on at once. We only turn on what we need. It can get warm in the kitchen even when the cooker is off as the cast iron retains the heat. Sometimes we bring in the clothes horse and put it front of the AGA overnight and the clothes are bone dry in the morning. We also had the AGA extraction hood installed which is great to take smells and steam from the kitchen.’

Do they have a particular favourite moment with your AGA? ‘Very safe for the kids to cook pancakes on. Supervised obviously! We had a 7 ring gas hob before which they couldn’t use. Also I grow veg and fruit in the garden which the AGA is great for cooking.’