Orla Garry and her Tara stove

Orla from County Meath installed the Tara as part her new house build.

Orla Garry and her Tara stove

Why did she choose a Stanley stove? "It was a recommendation from my sister who has a Stanley stove. We have similar style and she has a Tara in her home as well. It was a little bit more expensive but she has seen its worth it. '

What do they love about the Tara? " It's a nice looking stove. It creates a feature in the room. '

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? " Our house is newly built and has a high energy rating. We only installed the stove around April so we haven't had much need to light it."

When prompted about their favourite moment." Looking forward to Christmas, having the stove lit which will enhance the warm cosy atmosphere within the house"