Michelle Johnston and her Stanley Heat Pump

Michelle Johnston from Thurles, Co Tipperary had the Stanley Split Heat Pump System installed as part of building her new home. ‘Our plumber recommended it because he had the Stanley Heat Pump installed in his home. We have it installed over 15 months and works perfectly in our home.’

Michelle Johnston and her Stanley Heat Pump

Why did Michelle choose a Stanley Heat Pump? ‘We liked the look of the Internal system for the Utility room. We found it very compact and fit in perfectly. The water tank on the internal unit is bigger than other models we looked at. A big factor was the plumber recommended it. ’

What does Michelle like about the experience? ‘Installation was seamless and now I don’t have to do anything with it. I don’t have to touch it. There is an app which lets you control the Heat Pump remotely but we never needed to install it. Noel Hannan was very helpful during the installation process and he came back to help set up the system once we had the WIFI installed. He also came back and checked it after it was commissioned. As I say Noel was very helpful. ’

Stanley Internal Heat Pump CylinderHas Michelle noticed a change in her heating? ‘Obviously yes. Big difference in a new house versus an old house. Heat is at a constant temperature 24/7. In the old house when you woke up middle of the night it was freezing. Not the case in this house. My mother stayed at Christmas time and she couldn’t get over the heat. ‘So if I wake up at 3 in the morning will it still be this temperature?’ We used to spend a lot on oil in the old house. Now electricity is for everything. Just the one bill. We thought the first bill was going to be expensive as we had the heat on to dry out the house but when we got it, it wasn’t high at all.'

What do they love about the Stanley Heat Pump? ‘Definitely the consistency of the temperature of the house. Never to warm, never to cold. Always love that we have plenty of hot water throughout the year.’