Maurice and Breda Geoghegan and their ARGON Built In Electric Fire

Maurice and Breda Geoghegan from Ring, Co Waterford had the Stanley ARGON Built In Electric Fire stove installed in their new home. ‘We didn’t need a lot of heat as it’s a new home and we had no chimney so we decided the Stanley ARGON electric fire was the best solution.’

Maurice and  Breda Geoghegan and their ARGON Built In Electric Fire

Why did Maurice and Breda choose a Stanley? ‘We looked at a number or brands and we had a particular size in mind. The Stanley electric was perfect for what we needed. We didn’t want a large electric fire and not having a chimney, the decision was made for us. Tommy Flynn in Currans Dungarvan was really helpful and knowledgeable about Stanley’s electric fires. I had a list of questions and he was able to answer them all. ’

What do Maurice and Breda love about the ARGON electric FIRE? ‘Love the features in that we can change the colour of the flames. Visually very pleasing and user friendly. Love the convenience of it. Turn it on mainly at night. We love looking at the beautiful view of the flames. We also have the ability to swap out the logs for the glass pieces which gives it a totally different look. ‘

Have Maurice and Breda noticed a change in his heating bills since getting in the electric fire? ‘We didn’t get it for the heating. Our home is new and B2 rated so the house is warm all the time. We didn’t have a fireplace but it turned out better than a fireplace. ‘

Do they have a particular favourite moment with your Stanley? ‘Sitting down that first night, we turned on the fire and watched the flames. We also turned on the heating and it was very cosy in the room.  ’