Matthew and Orla Munroe and their Stanley Heat Pump

Matthew and Orla Munroe from Kilkenny had the Stanley 12kW Split Heat Pump System installed as part of building their new home.

Matthew and Orla Munroe and their Stanley Heat Pump

Why did Matthew and Orla Munroe choose a Stanley Heat Pump? ‘We saw that Stanley were doing Heat Pumps. We know the Stanley brand reputation and wanted to keep it local so we contacted them and Noel and Richie have been very helpful along the journey. We have it installed over 8 months and works perfectly in our home.’

What do they like about the experience? ‘Stanley supplied the Split system which included the external and internal unit. They also supplied all the underfloor elements including manifolds, pipes etc which made the process very easy. ’

Have they noticed a change in her heating? ‘This is a brand new home so build is to a high standard. The system is on 24/7 with thermostats in each room and buffer tank set to 35 degrees.  We have Solar PV panels linked to the Stanley Heat Pump which allows us to produce excess hot water in the buffer tank when producing excess electricity. As a result we have plenty of hot water for heating and showers. Absolutely no doubt Heat Pumps and Photovoltaic go hand in hand.

What do they love about the Stanley Heat Pump? ‘Love the efficiency of the heat pump. Its 500% efficient so for every 1kW we put in we get 5kW of heat back. If we compare this to oil or gas, the highest efficiency is condensing at 92%. ‘