Liz Baldwin and her SOLIS F650 Style stove

Liz from County Cavan had her SOLIS F650 Style installed 3 months ago as part of their new build. “So many people have commented on the look of it when they come to visit.”

 Liz Baldwin and her SOLIS F650 Style stove

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? "All my family have Stanley’s in their home. Both my brothers have stoves and my mother has a range cooker. My husband’s parents also have a Stanley in their home. Lavinia in Firstclass Fireplaces was great and very easy to deal with as is Fergus with the installation. “

What do they love about the F650 Style? " It looks lovely. You know you are getting a good product with a Stanley. We visited Firstclass Fireplaces and the F650 Style just stood out. It was the right size, we didn’t want anything too big and we just loved the look of it.”

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? "It was the aesthetics really appealed to me rather than how much it could heat. Our house is a new build and we have air to water heating so it was really to create a focal point in the room that wasn’t the TV. My friend says of the heat from the stove is that it gives a lovely cosy feel without hitting you in the face. ”

When prompted about her favourite moment." People admiring it. My daughter Lucy loves to crawl around it."