Kevin Dundon and his AGA Range Cooker

Kevin Dundon recently had an AGA R7 electric in dark blue installed in his home in Dublin. ‘We had an AGA in the family home many years ago and when we bought Dunbrody House there was an AGA 6 door range cooker in oil which was the heart of the home.'

Kevin Dundon and his AGA Range Cooker

Why did he choose an AGA range? ‘When we moved out of Dunbrody and built our new home, we didn't put an AGA in and it was our biggest regret. When we bought our house in Dublin we both agreed that an AGA was going in to the home. ’

What do they love about the AGA range? ‘Last night we roasted a chicken in the AGA and it came out crispy on the outside and was moist inside. It cooked in 1 hour 25mins! The AGAs cast iron ovens nurtures the food making it tastier and kinder to food. It’s perfect for slow cooking. You can put a stew in the bottom oven and leave it all day. I love the beautiful aroma from the AGA that invites you into our home. I love that I can turn the AGA on from my phone when I am out and its ready to cook on when I arrive home. ’

Do they have a particular favourite moment with your AGA? ‘Food is very important to my family. We would always sit down every night and eat together. There was no discussion when we bought our home in Dublin. There would be an AGA in it.'

Kevin Dundon and his AGA Cooker