Karen Hunter and her SOLIS I 900 Insert stove

Karen Hunter from County Tyrone had the SOLIS I 900 installed to replace their open fire which was draughty. “We sometimes had to put a draft stopper outside the door of that room as the draft was coming into the house through the chimney. “

Karen Hunter and her SOLIS I 900 Insert stove

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? "We already have a Reginald stove installed about 5 years ago that does all our central heating. Georges family have a Stanley oil cooker and stove in their home so he grew up with Stanley and knew the brand. We bought the SOLIS I 900 and tested it mid-January. Only then did we decorate the room and lit it properly in February. We couldn’t believe the heat. ”

What do they love about the SOLIS? " The heat. The flame picture. Looks even more impressive than an open fire. Love the subtle handle. The kids don’t know where it is and don’t reach for it so that’s a plus. Even when friends come over ‘How do you open it?”

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? " We had an open fire so compared to that we use less fuel and it’s definitely a lot warmer and stops any draughts. Our savings are with Stanley Reginald stove as it does all our central heating. We have oil but we don’t turn it on that often. We fill the oil maybe once a year. My mother has an open fire in her house and everyone is crowded around. You wouldn’t need to stand that close to the SOLIS. Probably saved some money on mats. My mam has destroyed more mats with the open fire and the sparks. The SOLIS is closed up so this doesn’t happen. "

When prompted about their favourite moment." When the room was completely done up, we invited all our family around. It’s a good adults room. Looking forward to Christmas and having the tree up in this room. "