Jean Sheehan and her Cara Glass and Supreme Deluxe Cooker

Jean Sheehan from County Meath had Cara Glass Insert installed to replace their open fire. “The open fire had no life in it and didn't provide enough heat for the room.“

Jean Sheehan and her Cara Glass and Supreme Deluxe Cooker

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? "My mother has a Stanley stove with a back boiler and has great praise for it. Fergus in Firstclass Fireplaces had the Cara Glass on display in his showroom, we loved the look of it and Fergus couldn’t recommend it more. People said to me, you won’t regret this."

What do they love about the Cara Glass? " Its homely, its cosy and its inviting. I find the Cara Glass therapeutic to sit and look at the fire. The room where it went in to is north facing and was typically a cold room. When the Cara Glass is lighting, the heat builds up in the room so we often open the door and let the heat out into the hall and up the stairs."

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? " I would. In the winter when we light it, its more economical than oil. The oil once you turn if off can get cold very quickly whereas the Cara Glass holds the heat. Might need to fill it twice in the day with coal and sticks. We would light it all winter and with the other stove covers the full downstairs which is brilliant."

When prompted about their favourite moment." My favourite moment ‘When I am sitting in front of the Cara Glass at the end of day with a cup of tea." 

On the Supreme Deluxe Cooker

What did they love about the Supreme Deluxe 110cm in Induction? "We had a built in double oven and hob before the Supreme and if we used the grill there wasn’t as much heat in the oven. With the Supreme we have a separate grill, slow cooking oven, 2 large ovens and 5 induction rings on top. Some of the rings are big enough to take large saucepans. For the size of the Supreme its offers so much more cooking space. Really looking forward to having people over for Christmas.”