Jackie and Dixie Rafter and their Erin Stove

Jackie and Dixie Rafter are long time patrons of Waterford Stanley and are the proud owners of an Erin central heating stove in matt black. They also have an Oisin in their sun room.

Jackie and Dixie Rafter and their Erin Stove

Why did they decide on a Stanley Erin stove this time? "We wanted a stove that would heat 9 radiators but provide enough heat to the room and we found that in the Erin. It's more economical to run than an open fire with back boiler. Big thing for us is that Stanley has been around a long time and will be around for years to come.  Availability of spare parts is a weight off our mind."

Have they noticed any changes in their heating costs? "Previously we had an open fire with a back boiler so we have definitely seen reduced consumption in our solid fuel. For our central heating we use to get 1 and a half fills of oil a year. Since we put the Erin in 2 years ago, we haven't had an oil fill. We reckon we still have half a tank of left. We estimate with buying the stove and the installation costs, we will get pay-back in around 4 years. You can't say that about everything you purchase for your home. All of our children have Stanley stoves in their home"

So are there any other benefits? "We were kept very warm in the really cold weather we had over the last few years. We also get oodles of hot water - We could have baths every night and it wouldn't take away from the radiators Our sun room used to be the coldest room in the house but now with the Oisin its nearly too warm. "

Had Jackie and Dixie any fond memories of their Stanley? "It's the homeliness. Even when you are in the room on your own, you're not on your own with the glow and comfort of the stove. We can't wait until the cold weather comes to light it. "