Frances and Kevin McKenna and their Ardmore stove

Frances and Kevin from County Meath had the Ardmore room heating stove installed as part of building their new home.

Frances and Kevin McKenna and their Ardmore stove

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? 'We have previous experience of owning Stanley. We already own a Stanley Tara solid fuel stove and oil fired Brandon Condensing Range Cooker and brought them from our last home. The Tara stove is 10 years old and  works as good as the first day we lit it. If you work them right you learn how get the most from them.'

What do they love about the Ardmore? 'We have the Ardmore lighting about 6 months of the year. Even when it's not lighting it's a piece of the furniture. We had an open fire previously which didn't give out good heat. The Ardmore gives out a lot more heat than the open fire would have.  The Ardmore is a good size stove with large viewing glass so we can still see the flames and we didn't lose the open fire ambience. With the Ardmore you are heating the room - the stove radiates heat as opposed to losing it up the chimney. We love that its warm the next morning when you get up and that we are not losing the look of an open fire.  Another benefit is that it's safe. We can light the stove, close the door and leave the house. Even when we come back after say 2 hours the stove is still lighting.'

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? 'The Brandon Condensing cooker works with the underfloor heating and is used to heat the whole house. People tell you range cookers are not as efficient as boilers but our cooker is A rated and has efficient of 92%. The Ardmore stove we have is a room heating stove but heat spills out into the hall and upstairs and contributes heat to the overall house. It brings the temperature in the house up quickly when its lighting fully..we can see this with the thermostats in the rooms. "

When prompted about their favourite moment. 'At the end of a hard day, kids in bed, glass of wine in hand sitting in front of the Stanley.'