Emma O’Gorman and her La Cornue CornuFé Range Cooker

Emma O’Gorman has been cooking on her La Cornue CornuFé 110 range cooker for over 10 months. ‘The moment I saw it I just knew it was the one. I loved the French style and that its practical and modern. We had a Rangemaster cooker before and we knew the CornuFé was from the same company Waterford Stanley and we wanted a step above again with the new home. ‘

Emma O’Gorman and her La Cornue CornuFé Range Cooker

What does she love about the CornuFé range? ‘It has two large ovens which makes meals with 3 kids so much easier. I need to be able to put the food in the oven and know it will be cooked properly. The oven temperature controls are very precise and the top is Induction which is as quick as gas. I love the mixed metals of stainless steel and brass which is very difficult to come by. ’

Have you noticed a change in your cooking habits? ‘ We were without a range for 2 years so as you can imagine, it was an absolute joy to get back to range cooking. I love to bake more than cook and baking in the CornuFé is a dream, as the ovens are very quick to heat up.’

What features do you love about your CornuFé range cooker? Storage drawer in the bottom is used to hide the sweets on the kids. They never find them! Love again that we have two large ovens to cook in and its distinctive French look. Coming from the hospitality background it reminds of cookers that chefs use in kitchens’.

Do they have a particular favourite moment with your CornuFé range cooker? ‘Hiding the sweets on the kids! No seriously, last Christmas was our first Christmas using the CornuFé and we had a large contingent of family over for Christmas dinner, around 10 people and not a bit stressed. It was one of the nicest Christmas’s we had in a long time. ‘