Emma Ford and her SOLIS F800 Grande Stove

Emma Ford from Waterford had the SOLIS F800 Grande installed in her beautiful home. ‘We have it over a year and we wouldn't be without it.'

Emma Ford and her SOLIS F800 Grande Stove

Why did Emma choose a Stanley stove? ‘Would you believe My grandfather was a foreman in Waterford Stanley many many years ago so we would have had loyalty to Waterford Stanley. My father also worked there when it was the Waterford Iron Foundry or 'The Foundry' as it was known. Stanley has always been a reliable brand we wouldn't have chosen anything else.'

What do they love about the SOLIS F800 Grande? ‘We just loved the look of it, stylish and modern and it really suits our home design. It’s also very reliable and we've had no issues with it. Our home is A rated and doesn't get too cold so we didn't need a stove, we just wanted the atmosphere of one and it gives the house an extra boost of heat when its colder outside.'

Do they have a particular favourite moment with your Stanley? ‘Sitting down in front of the TV at Christmas watching a family movie with the Christmas tree lights on. Love the smell of burning wood, it smells like chocolate!! smooth and cosy.'

Emma Ford and her SOLIS F800 Grande