Emer Whelan and her Stanley Heat Pump

Emer Whelan from Kinnegad, Co Westmeath had the Stanley Split Heat Pump System installed as part of building their new home. ‘We shopped around and I came across Stanley Heat Pumps online. The person we dealt with was very helpful and that made the decision for us. ‘

Emer Whelan and her Stanley Heat Pump

Why did Emer choose a Stanley Heat Pump? ‘The Stanley brand is well known and has been around a long time. The pricing we got from Stanley stacked up against the other brands and actually worked out better. When you are building a home, everything is budgeted for, so any savings you can make!.’

What does Emer like about the experience? ‘The fact that Stanley commission their Heat Pumps once installed. My uncle who is a builder and built this home was very impressed with the fact Stanley commissioned their Heat Pumps as he had never seen that before. It gives you piece of mind when Stanley come out after to ensure everything is installed correctly. Also once the Heat Pump is installed there is very little to do afterwards. Thermostat is on the wall and you set your temperature. Plan is once we get WIFI is to set this up as well.’

Heat Pump Cylinder

Has Emer noticed a change in her heating bills? ‘Staying in the parents always a chill in the house. Always warm here. It is a long term investment. We have been in the house for over 3 months. Our last electricity bill for 2 months was under €200.‘

We loved that we were able to talk directly to Noel Hannan in Stanley and get all the technical information and support. Even when he was home with a broken foot he answered our calls!.’