Dinah Klinge and her AGA eR3 150 Cooker

Dinah Klinge had her AGA eR3 150 installed in her home in Kerry coming up to Christmas ‘I found Christmas a lot less stressful this year. I just open the oven door, put in the food and it cooks it. When my four daughters come to visit, they are delighted to experience the diversity and functionality that cooking on the AGA brings and how different everything tastes.'

Dinah Klinge and her AGA eR3 150 Cooker

Why did you choose an AGA range? ‘Something I always wanted and when I moved to Kerry I was like I can’t have a house here and not have an AGA. I have a vegetable garden and love cooking. I hadn’t really cooked for myself in a long time.’

What do you love about the AGA range? ‘Very easy to handle and gives off this gorgeous heat when its on. So integrated into my life. I just turn on the hotplate to make my tea. The big left oven is just great a great size to cook lots of food together. The middle oven radiates heat out in to the room.’

Have you noticed a change in your cooking habits? ‘If I showed you what I cooked on before! Its more settled cooking. Cooking on or in cast iron is not as harsh on the food. My children loved using the Induction on the top of the cooker. For me the cooking process is a slower integration. Everything is just slowed down. Its not like switching on and off. It is more part of your life. Best choice I ever made. ‘

Do they have a particular favourite moment with your AGA? ‘Apart from now having hot water boiling at all times, my favourite AGA moment is really the constant oven heat ready for a toasted tomato and cheese quick snack and of course the eggs in the morning, as if there’s something already waiting in the kitchen when I come in. It’s an undeniable radiant cosy heat, the heart of the house.'