Derbhille and Conor Clarke and their Cara Insert

Derbhille and Conor Clarke from Louth have two stoves - Ashling and Cara Insert - in their home "The best investment by far we have made in our home. We feel we have made the right decision. We rarely use our oil central heating"

 Derbhille and Conor Clarke and their Cara Insert

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? "The reason we bought a stove was that we saw it in a friend's house and we thought it looked and felt so warm and inviting. We did a lot the nth degree! Basically we chose Stanley and while not the cheapest it was the best quality and value for money and comfort economy. Availability of spares was a big decision for us also."

What do they love about their Stanley stoves? "Best thing we put into the house ever. Love the warmth and feeling of homeliness when the stoves are lighting. We feel cosy and comfortable in our home. They are definitely what you call 'Heart of the Home'. We loved the Ashling so much we installed the Cara insert this year and hope to install a 3rd stove in the future. In the case of the Cara Insert which replaced an open fire, even when its not lighting it stops drafts coming into the we use a lot less fuel. We got the Ashling with hotplate so if anything happens to oil or electricity we can still heat our living space and cook on Ashling,"

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? "This house has never been as warm. Previously we would get 3-4 oil fills each year which at its most expensive was close to a €1000 per fill plus we had the open fire. Now we only get 1 fill a year or less of oil. Overall between oil and solid fuel we now spend around €1500 a year. We have reduced our fuel bills by 50 to 60%.  We use a mixture of supacite smokeless coal and a mix of logs to get the best fire going in the Ashling. We burn mostly coal and a few logs in the Cara Insert."

When prompted about their favourite moment "When you first light the stove its perfect - the glass remains crystal clear because of the air wash - yet it still feels like an open fire. We would highly recommend them."