David and Hazel McClure and their Lismore stove

David and Hazel McClure from Dundrod, Co Antrim are delighted with their central heating Lismore stove which has helped them enormously with their home heating bills.

 David and Hazel McClure and their Lismore stove

Why did David and Hazel choose a Stanley? “We saw an ad for the stove works and once we had met with Alastair we didn’t go any further. We had carried out research and were aware of Stanley’s good reputation. We chose the Lismore as we liked the look of it. We also love its controllability and safety. It’s great when you can go to bed, shut the door and feel very safe. We have air supply coming from outside which is safe for carbon monoxide. 

“We find the Lismore really clean with very little dust as we burn mostly wood with some coal. It’s easy to light plus it’s a nice heat, gentle heat. James our 4 month old lies on the mat in front of the lighting stove and love it.”

Have they noticed any change to their bills? "We have access to free wood so it helps us with the heating costs. Typically if we had the stove lighting for 12 hours we would use a basket of wood and 2 shovels of coal. We have very little dust and the Lismore heats up to 10 radiators. We have noticed that we don’t use the oil as much with the stove lighting. We have a mix of under floor, radiators and hot water.”

Our favourite moment " The Christmas just past, we had the Christmas tree lit and Santa on his Sleigh in front of the lighting Lismore. If felt very homely and warm.”