Brian and Pamela Reilly and their Cara Glass Insert

Brian and Pamela from County Meath had their Cara Glass Insert stove installed over a year ago. “We had it installed just in time for Christmas.“

Brian and Pamela Reilly and their Cara Glass Insert

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? "Initial appeal was the large viewing glass and efficiency. Brand speaks for itself. Stanley is one of those brands that’s tried and trusted. We saw plenty of brands when looking for a stove but the Stanley brand is about quality and lifetime value. When you have it in the house, you have it in for life. Also we don’t get that cold draught you do with an open fire.“

What do they love about the Cara Glass? " The look of an open fire always appealed to us. The Cara Glass has a big window so we could see more of the flame and the wood burning. That was the main selling point for us.  Plus it’s a lot more efficient than an open fire but with all the visual effects of an open fire. The Cara Glass really holds the heat. We lit the stove the previous night and next day around lunchtime we went to light the Cara Glass and it was still warm from the night before. “

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? "The Cara Glass we have is a room heating stove. We have it set up with external air so it’s not using the air inside the house as we have a Heat Recovery Ventilation. If it gets too hot in the room we can turn on the HRV and direct the heat into other rooms. The HRV system was down for a few days so we relied on the Cara Glass plus we have the Stanley Erin stove which heats up to 9 radiators to heat the home.  Really supplements our central heating system. ”

When prompted about her favourite moment." Our favourite moment ‘Opening up the presents on Christmas day or cosying up in front of the Cara Glass watching a movie. Makes the house a home.  "