Aoife Hennelly and Phil Kane and their Lismore Stove

Aoife and Phil had a large open plan living room with double height ceiling and needed a big stove like the Lismore to heat it.

Aoife Hennelly and Phil Kane and their Lismore Stove

Why did they choose a Stanley stove?"Reputation and quality. Lavinia in Firstclass Fireplaces is also a great sales woman!"

What do they love about the Lismore? "Brings real warmth and energy to the room. It's difficult to heat this room as it has a double height ceiling but it now feels cosy. We would definitely recommend it."

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? "It heats the whole house despite it being a room heating stove. Our house is open plan and heat travels down the corridor. We have a thermostat in the room along with underfloor heating. When we light the stove in the room it brings up the temperature by about 3 degrees which is a lot. Definitely the Lismore has saved us a few bob! "

Do you have a favourite moment." We haven't had Christmas yet with the stove. We reckon it will be ideal for Christmas ."