Alexa O'Byrne and Shane Mitchell love their Oisin

Alexa O'Byrne and her partner Shane Mitchell love their Oisin stove 'It was like go for the stove and it will pay for itself in a few years'.

Alexa O'Byrne and Shane Mitchell love their Oisin

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? "Liked the look of it and it was affordable. There was something comforting about having the Oisin in our home. Anyone that has been in the house thinks a stove is a great idea. Our friends got married recently and they are renovating their home and installing a stove based on our experiences."

What do they love about their Oisin? "With an open fire, you end up heating your legs or whatever is close to the fire whereas with a stove it warms the entire room. Also it's so much easier to light and clean that an open fire. I love to pick up pine cones on my walks and once they are dry I use they for kindling."

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? "Yes we have saved a huge amount. We estimate a saving of €300 every 2 months. In the cottage where we lived previously we had electric storage heating and an open fire. Now we have gas fired central heating and our Oisin stove.  Difference in temperature between the living room and the hall is phenomenal. For such a small stove the Oisin provides a huge amount of heat.  We use a combination of coal and logs to get the best heat from the stove"

When prompted about their favourite moment. Alexa recollects the first time they lit the stove " When we installed the Oisin it was a case of trying to find a night that was cold enough. Our friends came over and asked if I could light the stove and I said we need to wait until Shane came back. Didn't want him to miss the first lighting."