Alan and Lisa Kennedy and their Ardmore Stove

Alan and Lisa from County Meath had the Ardmore black enamel stove installed as part of building their new home.

 Alan and Lisa Kennedy and their Ardmore Stove

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? "Quality. Lisa - My parents got another stove brand and it gave them a lot of problems. Alan - My parents have a Stanley oil range cooker for over 23 years in our home and it's never given them any trouble. We picked the Ardmore stove before we even decided on the room design. We decided to go with Firstclass Fireplaces as they had the decorative fire proof board we wanted for the fire chamber...other places we looked at only had tiles. With this backing its fireproof with no joints and very smooth. Really makes the stove stand out. '

What do they love about the Ardmore? " It's just so homely. Our house is so well insulated we really didn't need a stove but we wanted a feature in our living room. With the building regulations we couldn't go with an open fire. People always comment on the Ardmore when they come into the room. It stands out as its more contemporary than the other stoves we looked at. '

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? " Our house is A2 rated  with air to water and under floor heating and we only installed the stove around April so we haven't had much need to light it."

When prompted about their favourite moment." We haven't had one yet. Our plan is to open all windows and doors and make it as cold as possible on Christmas day and then we will light the stove. "