Adrian and Yvonne Saunders and their SOLIS I500 Insert

Adrian living in Dublin had his Stanley SOLIS I500 Stove installed 8 months ago as part of their home renovation on Room to Improve. “All my family have Stanley’s in their home so I wasn’t picking anything else’

Adrian and Yvonne Saunders and their SOLIS I500 Insert

Why did they choose a Stanley stove? "My 3 brothers and sister all have Stanley stoves in their home. Bought the house 3 years ago before we started renovating it and I knew I wanted a Stanley stove’

What do you love about the SOLIS I500? Love looking at the real flame. I find it very relaxing and love the aesthetic of it. It reminds me of a time at home years ago with the fire lighting. It brings you back to when you were a child.’

So have you noticed a change in your home heating bills? "The I500 is a room heater stove and doesn’t have a back boiler. We bought it more for the look than anything else. I get access to free fuel so no fuel bill for me.

When prompted about his favourite moment." The one that springs to mind and I know everyone says this but Christmas opening presents in the room. My daughter gets up early for Christmas and Yvonne has the camera ready to take photos. Can’t wait for it to snow or get really cold and turn on the stove."