NUA Electric

A New generation of all-electric Stanley. The fully-electric Stanley NUA provides flexible, energy-efficient cooking and beautiful retro styling to your home. 

The cooker includes two large capacity radiant ovens plus a warming oven, which operate independently. It also benefits from a grill, a cast iron hotplate, which can be set to boiling or simmering mode and two-zone induction hob.

The exterior is available in eight colour options including traditional shades and bold hues; Tomato, Marmalade and Sunshine.

Key Features

  • Controllable cast iron hotplate with boiling and simmering modes
  • Two-zone induction hob with bridging feature which provides the option of a larger cooking surface for griddling
  • Enamelled steel, radiant roasting oven with 900W grill
  • Enamelled steel, radiant oven that can be set to baking or simmering mode
  • Warming oven for heating crockery or keeping food warm until serving
  • Easy to use control panel
  • No servicing, plinth or flue required
  • Improved energy-efficiency and lower running costs with E-Setting.

Stanley NUA Electric Documentation

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The Ovens

Stanley NUA has 2 radiant steel ovens with enamelled liner, cast iron doors, magnetic door catches for smooth closure and stainless steel door liners that can be removed for cleaning.

Roasting Oven and Grill

  • Heats up from cold in 90 minutes, for high temperature cooking
  • 900W grill with four grilling positions heats up in 10 minutes 
  • E-setting heats to low baking temperature in 60 minutes

Baking / Simmering Oven

  • Can be set to baking or simmering mode
  • Heats from cold in 120 minutes (moderate temperature baking)
  • E-setting reduces baking oven to simmering oven for slow cooking

Warming Oven and Control Panel

The Hotplate / Induction Hob

The Stanley NUA Electric range cooker come with a cast iron hotplate and two-zone induction hob.

Cast Iron Hotplate

  • Chrome lid and handle
  • Can be set to boiling or simmering mode
  • Heats up to boiling mode from cold in 30 minutes
  • Heats up to simmering mode from cold in 20 minutes

Two-Zone Induction Hob

  • Temperature settings: Defrost 44°C, Warming 70°C, Simmer 94°C
  • Bridging function across two zones
  • Boil dry detection and Permanent pot detection
  • Timer function, Child lock and pause button
  • ‘Power boost’ function provides ten minutes of maximum power

Spare Parts

At Waterford Stanley we stock spare parts on all our stoves and cookers we sell today and hold spares parts on stoves and cookers discontinued up to 10 years.

Your local Stanley Centre or Stanley stockist will be pleased to supply spare parts and to provide any other information your require. For further information on your stove or cooker and exploded views, go to the Technical Manuals section or to find your nearest Stockist

Technical Specifications

Size (cm) 100
Hob Type Hotplate/Induction
Style Freestanding
Function Cooking Only
Depth 670mm
Width 990mm
Height 910mm
Weight 240KG

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