Why cooking in cast iron food tastes better

Because your Stanley and indeed your Rayburn are made from cast-iron, it has wonderful cooking qualities. Heat distribution is radiated from all sides ensuring that food retains its moisture and the cast-iron oven will not dry or shrink the food as it is cooked.

Casseroles and roasts are particularly delicious cooked in your Stanley as the gentle heat tenderises the meat and seals in juices and flavours. A Stanley or Rayburn  range cooker also allows you to cook foods that require different temperatures in the same oven. For example, you can slow-cook a casserole while crisping pizza and quiche bases on the floor of the oven. Oven smells are vented outside, reducing condensation in the kitchen.

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The main oven is perfect for baking and roasting. Its large capacity oven will hold a large turkey and helps you to cook for large groups comfortably. The main oven is controlled by the oven thermostat which is calibrated to the centre of the oven. If you select a given temperature, the centre of the oven will reach this temperature while the top will be a shade hotter and the bottom will be slightly cooler, allowing you to cook foods that require different temperatures in the same oven. Don't worry about lifting the insulating covers on the hotplate, it won't affect the oven temperature.

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The majority of Stanley and Rayburn range cookers offer an additional lower oven. This also has a cast iron interior and is marvellous for slow-cooking. The temperature of the lower oven is approximately half that of the main oven and once again, the top of the lower oven is hotter than the bottom.

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One of the best features of the Stanley is the hotplate. Its large size means heat is distributed to large pots and pans (perfect for risotto and tortillas); the hotplate is machine ground for maximum heat transfer to your cookware. The simmer plate is very useful for keeping vegetables, sauces or gravies on a gentle simmer while you finish off cooking your meal.