Say hello to Kamado Joe - Ancient style grilling modernised for today's living

Take your outdoor cooking and dining to a new level with Kamado Joe. This barbecue is designed to produce great tasting food and to withstand the outdoors.

An innovative outdoor cooking experience, perfect for people who are passionate about food!

Kamado is an ancient, Asian-style grill, which allows to slow-roast, smoke, sear or bake. The Kamado Joe® is proud to draw on that tradition, modernising the grill’s classic style with unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative accessories, and a range of flexible cooking surfaces.

Kamado Joe Features

The Kamado Joe is a totally unique grill made of a thick-walled ceramic inside and designed to keep the intense heat circulating for perfectly slow-cooked food packed with smokey flavour.

The innovation that powers the Kamado Joe makes it unique from other slow cookers and smokers. Joe's divide and conquer grill system allows you to cook food at different temperatures. Use the air control vent for precise airflow, temperature management and an airlift hinge for easy opening and closing. This slow cooker has all the features you need.

How to use the Kamado Joe

Cooking with Kamado Joe is easy. Simply fill the charcoal basket with your favourite type of charcoal. Add some wood chunks for some smokey flavour. Adjust the divide and conquer grill to your specifications and allow the temperature in your slow cooker to rise before adding your food (don't forget to wear protection!).

Using the air vent on your smoker, adjust the temperature as needed and let your food cook to perfection. With the Kamado, you can not an only grill and slow cook your food. You can even bake perfect Pizza and roast poultry on the grill with no extra fuss. For Inspiration, Check out Kamado Joe's website for some recipe ideas and take your grilling to the next level.

Feast on moist, delicious meats, charred vegetables or crispy pizzas, and rekindle the simple pleasures of cooking with fire. 

Available in Joe Jr, Classic Joe and Big Joe Ranges.

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