Introducing Novy Easy Downdraft Hood

Streamline your kitchen with Novy Easy! The cooker hood is completely concealed in the hob which means that only the discrete grill is visible. The extractor starts automatically for exceptionally efficient discharge of cooking vapours and smells.

The Novy Easy Downdraft Hood gives you all the benefits of a high end Induction hob with built in extraction.

Sleek look
A cooktop with built-in extractor blends in nicely with the design of any kitchen. There’s no need to make space on the ceiling or against the wall, as the powerful range hood is fully integrated into the cooktop. This means that only the sleek grill is visible.

Exceptionally silent
Novy range hoods are known for their silent operation. The Novy Easy also keeps the decibels to a minimum. The motor is located under the cooktop and it is extremely economical and efficient!

Sophisticated design
The cooktop with built-in extractor combines opaque black glass with a metal grill. This elegant look not only adds a calming appearance to your kitchen, but also has a practical benefit. That’s because the elegant finish optimizes airflow which means that steam can be extracted very efficiently.

Ease of use is its greatest asset!
Novy Easy provides 4 large, square cooking zones which you can connect into powerful flexzones. The handy functions also provide added ease of use. Cooking has never been so easy and intuitive!

Rapid extraction
The automatic extractor removes cooking vapors in your preferred way, using either traditional outwards air extraction or recirculation. Recirculation means that odors are treated indoors and pass through a charcoal filter – each filter lasts for up to 450 hours of cooking!

Maintenance in no time
It is simple to clean the parts with a cloth and some washing up liquid. Furthermore, the grill and the grease filter frame are dishwasher-safe!

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Novy, inspired by quality
At Novy cooking is synonymous with pleasure. A cooktop with built-in extractor means nothing will interrupt your pleasure! A durable and silent motor, unique extractor technology, designer finish in high-quality materials and exceptionally efficient extraction of odors – there are so many reasons to choose a Novy cooktop with built-in extractor.

The Easy cooktop has impeccable Novy quality. Novy has been committed to innovation, superior quality and exhaustive attention to craftsmanship since 1965.