Introducing new AGA colour Raspberry

Waterford Stanley are delighted to announce the launch of a new AGA colour, Raspberry for their Cast Iron Cookers

A vivacious colour that sits on the cusp of pink and red, this hue looks great alongside white, pale natural woods, greys, or even with a contrasting bold.

Available across all electric AGA models – which range from 60cm to 210cm – this new shade is perfect for adding a pop of colour to the kitchen.

Bold colours are of the moment and, while Raspberry is on trend, it will also stand the test of time and is versatile enough that it will work with a whole host of other colours, meaning if there’s a wall colour or cabinetry change the AGA will continue to look great and fit into the scheme perfectly.
The new Raspberry colour will appeal to homeowners looking for a cooker that makes a stunning design statement, while also offering all the benefits of radiant-heat cooking.

Benefits AGA Electric Cookers 

There are now myriad versions of an AGA cooker, meaning there’s one perfect for every kitchen.

All-electric AGA cookers offer real flexibility and many come with an additional fan oven and induction hob. They all have ovens and hotplates that can be operated independently of each other.

Hotplates heat up in around 10 minutes and most of these models have ovens that heat up within 60 minutes, meaning you’re never using energy unnecessarily.

For homes that benefit from an AGA that is on all the time, there are models with eco modes, meaning energy use is kept to a minimum. In fact, the AGA eR7 offers the lowest running costs of any cast-iron, heat-storage range cooker on the market.