Built in Stoves and Fires: The whys and wherefores

There’s a lot of terminology used around stoves an fires that are not freestanding: Insert, Inset, Cassette, Built In, double sided etc. Ultimately what you get with any of these stoves is the frame which can be steel, cast iron or toughened glass and visually a large glass window to see the flame. This way it gives you all the visual effect of the open fire but with increased efficiencies and a lot, lot more heat.

Built In stoves are integrated stoves which are built into an opening as opposed to freestanding stoves which stand proud in a room.  Freestanding stoves tend to be larger in size and take up more space in the room.


Perhaps the most common use of insert stoves is to fit them into existing fireplaces (providing the fireplace is of non-combustible material) replacing an inefficient draughty fire with something that is stylish, has efficiencies of around 80% and controllability which you don’t have with an open fire.

You can also make a feature of them in a wall using a brick effect or tile to create a unique space in whatever room you desire.

ARGON Gas Insert Fire


  1. Takes up less space in your room which is ideal for smaller living spaces
  2. For wood and multi fuel models: You spend less money on fuel – 2 thirds – and derive a lot more heat
  3. Reduces draughts and noise levels coming from outside if you replace an open fire
  4. Controllability – Allows you to control the amount of air into the stove which controls the output. You reduce the air intake at night, so the stove is damped down and will keep heating overnight. With gas or electric fires you have remote control capability and control at a flick of the switch. 
  5. Safety – Unlike open fires you don’t have to worry about sparks or fuel falling out as the door of you built in stove is at all times closed and only open for refuelling.

Waterford Stanley have insert, cassette, single sided and double-sided models available in multi fuel, wood, electric and gas. For more information, go to Stanley Stoves 

SOLIS I80 Single Sided