Induction Cooking

You will find that our brands AGA, Stanley, Rangemaster, Novy and La Cornue all offer Induction cooking as an option with Novy offering Induction hobs that extraction built in or the capability to control your hood. Induction cooking is safe, fast and efficient and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to cook. Benefits include:

Energy Efficient

Powered by electromagnetism, induction technology heats only the pan and its contents, providing up to 90% efficiency. The induction hob also features pan identification that automatically detects when cookware is removed. This makes it easy to keep a pan at minimal heat without fear of burning, and the cooking zones will automatically turn off when pans are removed – saving energy and improving safety.

Fast and Responsive

It can take as little as five seconds for water to begin boiling on an induction hob, making it a much quicker option than gas or electric ceramic cooking. Reducing the pan to simmering is equally fast and the responsive nature of induction is quickly making it a firm favourite in professional kitchens.


Since there are no naked flames and only the pan and its contents are heated, induction is the safest hob option available. The addition of zones with child lock facility also prevents little fingers from coming to harm on the hob.

Uniform Cooking

One of the many benefits of induction is its ability to improve your cooking results. Because the ferrous materials within the cookware heat at the same level uniformly, you don't get any hot spots. That means you're less likely to burn the contents or cook half the dish to a crisp while leaving the rest raw and you don't need to stir as often to achieve even heating throughout.

Easy to Clean

Induction hobs are easier to clean because the cooking surface is flat and smooth. In addition, because the surface isn't heated, any spillages won't burn on and so are easy to wipe clean.

AGA and Rangemaster Cookware

Both Rangemaster and AGA have a range of beautifully branded stainless steel saucepans, casseroles and frying pans have been designed exclusively for use with Rangemaster cookers, with exceptional performance on induction.

What Waterford Stanley Cookers have Induction Hobs?


An induction hob is an optional extra on several newer AGA models including AGA eR3 Series, AGA eR7 Series, AGA R7 Series, AGA R3 Series and AGA Dual Control

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All 18 of Rangemasters range cooker collections, across 17 colours and 3 sizes 90cm. 100cm and 110cm provide the option of Induction cooking. Falcon range cookers also are available with Induction hobs.

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