La Cornue are a high end, luxury kitchen appliance brand and have been in business since 1908. As a member of the Excellence of French Savoir-Faire, they produce the finest kitchen ranges in France, USA, UK and all around the world. Knowledge, the finest materials, and a relentless dedication to improvement are the driving forces that lead La Cornue every day to make the finest cookers in the world.



Each range is made by hand and the labour is intensive. Each worker is a specialist, understanding the greater goal.

They are not just craftsmen, but companions to each range along its journey from inception to crated final product. They are experts in steel, copper and brass, inspired by great design, working as a team to create an inspired tradition.

For over 100 years, La Cornue has continued to build upon Albert Dupuys initial convection innovation. They’ve expanded the design, introduced new styles, but still maintain that it’s all done for one reason, and one reason only: the pleasure of the customer. 

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La Cornue Range Cookers

Featuring unique vaulted ovens and timeless design, La Cornue Range Cookers combine traditional style with the latest technology to ensure outstanding cooking results. With a choice of two superb La Cornue Range Cookers aimed to match different budgets, there is something for every enthusiastic cook – from the prestigious La Cornue Chateau Series through to the mid-range and more contemporary La Cornue Cornufé 110. 


The La Cornue Château  is the crown jewel of La Cornue.

Made to order exclusively in the Saint-Ouen l’Aumône workshop outside Paris, each range is the embodiment of a specific owner’s vision. Available in an unrivalled range of 8,000 configurations, colours, finishes, and measurements, each Château range features La Cornue’s patented signature — the vaulted oven first premiered by Albert Dupuy in 1908.

One of the most striking and appealing aspects of the Château Series is the ability to apply any colour your heart may desire to your range. If a colour exists in the word, it can be applied to one of our inspired designs.

Each Château is a French masterpiece whose every detail has been designed to make your kitchen unique.

CornuFé 110

Powerful yet playful, the CornuFé is an ideal option for gourmets who wish to enjoy the excellence of La Cornue without having a haute-couture range.

A convection oven, high-performance burners or induction, and combinations of colours and finishes offer pleasure for the eyes and the palate.

This high-performance piece makes the French mode de vie accessible to everyone.

CornuFé 90 Albertine

The first step into the world of La Cornue. The Albertine range cooker is a perfect opportunity to enter the wonderful world of cuisine.

The Albertine range cooker combines all the characteristics of a CornuFé (elegance, signature design, and excellent cooking performance) with a single oven.

A sizeable oven (110 litres!) makes it possible to roast very large pieces or to two dishes at once for sharing and entertaining.

La Cornue Cookware

For several years, La Cornue® has partnered with major French companies specialized in kitchen cookware to offer you high quality equipment made in France.

Every La Cornue owner needs some LA Cornue Cookware in their lives. From pans to cutlery and cookware, you'll find everything to cook like a master chef, for you or your loved ones.

The unique La Cornue® experience is now availale to purchase online.

La Cornue Stockists

The following retailers have a CornuFé range cooker on display in their showroom

  • AGA Belfast Shop, Belfast 
  • Callaghans Electrical ,Letterkenny
  • Cunniffe Electric, Galway
  • Dalzell's of Markethill
  • Dominic Smith Electrical Expert, Dundrum Dublin
  • Finucanes Electrical Expert Ltd, Limerick
  • JJ Dwyer’s, Cork
  • Telfords, Portlaoise

AGA Belfast Shop also has a Château on display. 

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