Margaret Rigley and her Cara+ Insert Stove

Margaret Rigley replaced her inefficient open fire and back boiler with the Cara+ Insert stove as it gave her the heat output she needed but in a neat and tidy package. "I wanted a good brand, a name you can trust.

Margaret Rigley and her Cara+ Insert Stove

The Stanley Cara+ was compact and didn't take up much space but was able to heat 10 radiators and provide enough heat to the room."

So has Margaret seen any other benefits? "It also allows more controllability of our bills. I have to pay for the fuel to light the stove but as least I can pay upfront and not worry about any bills coming in. It's so much easier to clean in comparison to an open fire. Also we don't need a fireguard when we walk away from it. We can simply dampen down the fire when we go to bed and make sure the stove door is closed.

Has Margaret noticed a change in her home heating bills? "I only recently installed the Cara + Insert stove and expect to make significant savings on my oil. I spent €2,000 on my oil heating last year. With the Cara + being over 70% efficient I should be able to reap the benefits"

Any last thoughts on the Cara+? "I like the way it sets of the room…it really ties everything together."