Leonillo and Chelly Antanzo and their Cara+ Insert Stove

Leonillo and Chelly Antanzo live in Letterkenny and are delighted with their Cara+ Insert Stove. "It was the best investment we made."

Leonillo and Chelly Antanzo and their Cara+ Insert Stove

Why did they choose a Stanley? "We heard the name before and a friend recommended Stanley. Like everyone else we did our research on a lot of brands and Stanley came out top. Loved the look and it was the right solution for our three bedroom semi-detached - It heats up to 10 radiators and fitted into our fireplace." They love it so much they even managed to recruit another person in their estate who is getting a Cara+ installed.

When asked if they had noticed any changes to their fuel bills, Chelly informed us "Previously we had a direct debit of €150 for our oil each month and we had the heating on 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours at night. Now we would have the heating on from 10am to 10pm at a cost of €75 a month…so a lot more heat for less money spent. We also get loads of water for showers and have not purchased any oil since purchasing the stove 5 months ago"

Are there any other benefits to putting in a Stanley stove we ask Leonillio and Chelly. They tell us "We noticed a reduction in our electricity bills. Our daughter had a portable oil heater in her bedroom for when she studies. We have no need for this as it always warm.  Also we have no draft in our sitting room.  Previously we could feel the breeze coming into the room from the chimney. Once we had hailstones!"

How does the family feel about the Cara+? "My son told his friends in school. Its like summer in our house all the time" Who could ask for anything more?